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QFX Staff Interview: Nikki

Name: Nikki

Pronouns: She/Her

Position: Director of Operations, Talent

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Twitter: @nikkiribas

Instagram: @nikkiribas

She won the Spotify Mixtape-Off in December against Holly, so let’s learn more about Nikki!

A little bit about myself? Geez, idk why this is always the hardest question for me. Like do you want my life story? Maybe just some random facts? Well, I'm 29, Filipino, very family oriented, and hoping to put a ring on it soon. My hobbies include late night walks to the fridge, and all I want to do is make my mom proud.

How did you get involved with QFX?

I had a completely different idea in mind before QFX blossomed into the beauty that it is today. Holly and I had been toying with a couple of ideas before she sat me down and told me what her vision was. I trust Holly with my life, so naturally I was in.

There are a ton of conventions out there, some that do cater to the LGBTQ+ community, how do you feel QFX is different?

Well for starters, no other convention has my team! I feel like I hit the jackpot with them. We lift each other up, we’re very open and transparent about everything. Because of this it translates well with the convention and attendees. I really feel like our core values alone really set us apart.

Of all the guests that one could possibly ask for, who would you love to see or meet?

IDK, probably Hailee Steinfeld?

QFX has made it quite clear they are all about diversity, inclusivity and accessibility. What does this mean to you?

It means not just getting people to have them as our “token guest”. Making sure that everyone feels included and are able to enjoy the space we are creating.

We’ve all heard the phrase “representation matters”, but it can ring hollow in our current times. What do you feel or think when you hear it?

I don’t want to be a con that just has guests who play queer. We want to support and highlight guests that are actually a part of our community. We’re no better than cishet white men if we’re not doing that.

If we were sitting in your living room, wanting to watch a show or movie, what are the top five you would recommend we binge?

Dickinson, Runaways, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Pitch Perfect Trilogy (in one sitting), and Demon Slayer.

Which comic books were your favorite?

I love anything that Brian K. Vaughn does. I think the first time I ever read The Runaways was back in high school, 2005-2006? But I truly love all his work; Saga, Paper Girls, Y The Last Man, etc. I also really love Terry Moore, so definitely Strangers in Paradise. Terry’s most recent work, Five Years, ties in his SiP universe altogether -> Echo, Rachel Rising, Motor Girl. So those are def in my faves as well. And obviously, Rainbow Rowell’s The Runaways. To round all of these off, I’d have to say Avenger’s Arena and A Force. I mean I’ll just stop here because I love comics too much.

As we’ve seen with the Dark Phoenix saga, some of those rich comic book stories are difficult to translate to screen. Is there one that you absolutely would LOVE to see made into a movie or TV Series?

Actually many of the comics I love are either in talks to become a movie/show or already in (pre) production. Keep an eye out for Locke & Key on Netflix, Y The Last Man on FX, and hopefully a Strangers in Paradise movie? I also think it’d be cool to get an A Force movie or New Agents Of Atlas show? I’d say Avengers Arena would be pretty dope too, I mean who wouldn’t wanna see a Marvel x Hunger Games movie?

I would definitely be up for that movie as long as Jennifer Lawrence reprises her role! Okay, now onto other things, name one thing you do (hobby, quirk, or something else) that people might find odd?

I think most things I do are pretty odd. Uh… IDK… I guess I like to find really cool spots, like to eat or take pictures of/at, and then not tell anyone where they’re at LOL.

Do you share these photos on your Instagram @nikkiribas?

LOL yes I do, untagged location with vague captions.

That sounds like an intriguing adventure to me, so to game or not to game… Do you? If so, which systems and what is your favorite.

Hard No. I definitely do not game. I’m terrible at that stuff, I’d rather watch someone play. I do enjoy games like Mario Party and Mario Kart though.

What was your most memorable convention experience? Was there something or someone who stood out the most?

I love going to SDCC. I’ve been going since I was a kid, so they all kinda just mesh together at some point. The best experience is just being there and enjoying it, I guess.

You’re a fellow Slytherin, but that’s Universal/WB. I have to ask what Disney character would you be?

Probably Anger from Inside Out? Either him or Lilo.

One can never go wrong with Lilo, but I’m biased since Lilo & Stitch is one of my favorite all time films. Okay, final question, what do you hope people who attend QFX leave saying or feeling?

Well, I hope everyone lease on that con-high that I always have when I leave a convention. And that they’ll tell more people about us at the experience they had that weekend. I hope they leave wanting to come back next year.

Now that you’ve gotten to know Nikki a little bit more, why visit her Instagram: @nikkiribas or Twitter: @nikkiribas to say hi!

** Until next time, This is Kimberly “a cover is not the book” Amato, signing off. **

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