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QFX Staff Interview: Meg

Name: Meg

Pronouns: She/Her

Position: Travel Coordinator

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Twitter: @D_Meg

Instagram: @Meg.Dmngs

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m a Los Angeles native currently working full time as a registered nurse. I also do background work in films / music videos and love to help friends with production on their films / webseries'. During my free time, I love to travel, practice mindfulness, look at real estate, help raise awareness of Lupus, watch my favorite NWSL team - the Utah Royals FC play at the RioT in SLC, and spend time with my girlfriend Holly.

How did you get involved with QFX?

I have known about QFX since its inception and it was just natural for me to get involved because I share their core values.

There are a ton of conventions out there, some that do cater to the LGBTQ+ community, how do you feel QFX is different?

I feel like QFX is actually taking the time to listen to people’s concerns, to make sure people are heard, in order to create a genuinely comfortable space.

Of all the guests that one could possibly ask for, who would you love to see or meet?

Tatiana Maslany because of her phenomenal work on Orphan Black.

QFX has made it quite clear they are all about diversity, inclusivity and accessibility. What does this mean to you?

It may sound cliché but for me, this means being respected, appreciated and valued as the individual that we are.

We’ve all heard the phrase “representation matters”, but it can ring hollow in our current times. What do you feel or think when you hear it?

I think about how, growing up, I didn’t have a positive or familiar example of myself in the media and that somewhat affected the way I viewed myself. I didn’t quite have a sense of what was possible. I think it’s important for people to see themselves represented in the media in a positive and authentic fashion because it’ll help erase some of the unconscious biases that people may have.

If we were sitting in your living room, wanting to watch a show or movie, what are the top five you would recommend we binge?

Million Dollar Listing New York/Los Angeles, Orphan Black, Grey’s Anatomy, Gentleman Jack, and Charmed (The Original).

What is it about the color orange?

It’s hard to put into words… It’s bright and loud...

There’s just something about it that brings me joy.

I can respect that. Neville Goddard is your favorite author, is there one book of his you would recommend above all others? Or a “read in this order” list?

All of Neville's books are about the fundamentals of how things manifest in our lives. People really need to have an open mind to read his work. I would recommend reading “The Power and Awareness” first because his teachings are laid out in simple chapters, then “The Law and the Promise" which is basically a collection of people telling their successful application of his teachings.

Name one thing you do (hobby, quirk, or something else) that people might find odd?

A lot of people find it odd that I drink crystal infused water because I really do believe in the energies/properties that crystals hold.

To game or not to game… Do you? If so, which systems and what is your favorite.

I had a Gameboy and Super Nintendo growing up (I probably just aged myself ha), but my current system of choice is my PS4. I don't, however, consider myself a gamer. I only play sports games such as NBA 2K19, NBA LIVE, Madden, MLB The show, etc. I did go through a Call of Duty phase but wasn't very good at it lol.

“To reach a higher level of being, you must assume a higher concept of yourself,” - that’s a powerful quote. Why is it your favorite?

It’s my favorite because it illuminates the importance of self-love. Being aware of and appreciating your best traits is the key to achieving anything.

You’re a Ravenclaw, but that’s Universal/WB. I have to ask what Disney character would you be?

I would be The Little MerMeg.

I see what you did there! Okay, final question, what do you hope people who attend QFX leave saying or feeling?

I hope people leave QFX feeling seen/heard, genuinely happy and celebrated for living their truth.

There you have it, folks! If you want to know more about Meg, follow her on Twitter @D_Meg or Instagram @Meg.Dmngs.

**Until next time, this is Kimberly “you should have gone for the head” Amato, signing off.**

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