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Queer Prom  

Prom for members of the queer community can often be a less than ideal experience – or one that is skipped altogether.  A lot of us experienced this rite of passage with someone we didn’t like and in attire that didn’t ‘fit.’  


Soooo, since May is prom season, we’ve decided our official Saturday night party being a Queer Prom is only fitting! We want everyone to have the chance to experience prom in a way that may not have been possible in high school: safe, accepting and authentic. Whether you’re still in high school or graduated 50 years ago, you are welcome at this event!


While this is a formal event, there is no dress code. 

When: Saturday, 5/14/22

Time: 8-11pm


QFX Attendees- $15

General Admission- $25

VIP ULTRA Party graphic.jpg

VIP Guest Party

The VIP+ party is much more than a party – it’s an experience. We’re ditching the idea of a formal setting for a more relaxed one. For two-three hours, you will get to party with some of our celebrity guests and maybe even play beer pong with them. There will be a cash bar, music, and selfies will be allowed at the guests discretion; it’ll be like a meet and greet x20!


When: Friday, 5/13/22

Time: 8-11PM


Disclaimers:  Tickets to this event are only available with purchase of the VIP Ultra admission pass OR through our TIXR rewards program. Guests are only required to be in attendance for 30 minutes.

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