Lyrica Okano

Lyrica Okano is an Asian-American actress best known for her role as bisexual Nico Minoru on Hulu’s Marvel’s Runaways. Okano, whose parents emigrated from Tokyo, was training in rhythmic gymnastics before walking away when she was fourteen and holds a black belt in martial arts.


A supporter of diversity in media, Okano has said: “I feel truly lucky to be on a show like ‘Marvel’s Runaways’ because it touches upon a lot of important subjects and issues that we’re facing today in the U.S., and it’s just much-needed. It sucks that this is all new, [seeing] such a diverse cast on a big show, but I feel truly honored to be a part of that…. It’s about damn time.”

She also spends time behind the camera as well, producing the short film Remembering Virginia.